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           Around our house, Jessica is known as the "dog whisperer." We were amazed at how tuned in she was to our dog, Abbey. She helped us understand how our dog thinks and in turn, how to shape behavior effectively. We saw immediate results after each lesson. Jessica's training techniques are marked by a gentle, genuinely caring philosophy that helped make us better dog owners. Our lab was like a female version of "My Dog Marley," yet Jessica managed to train us and our lab during her wild and crazy puppy days.  I would recommend Jessica without reservation! 


                                  - Abbey & The Cordell Family 

                  I want to start by saying that I researched 15 dog trainers/companies before calling Jessica because I had never used a trainer and wasn't sure what to expect. My dog Cassie and I instantly loved her! I love her positive training techniques and that she gives me the tools to work with Cassie on my own.  She's also available anytime for questions and trains in a variety of settings. Cassie showed improvement after the very first session. She has made me a more confident mama of my 90lb "baby girl", and I'm forever thankful! 

I recommend Jessica to anyone and everyone! 


"I could have written more because I am so thankful to have found you and to have you in my and Cassie's life. I know it sounds corny, but without the confidence you have instilled in me, our life and being around other dogs, kids, etc would be very different."


                                - Cassie & Randi Warner

             Jessica was a life saver when we brought home our new Dalmatian puppy!  She has a very kind and gentle approach to training, however she expects results and gets them. Our dog Robish responded very well to her training techniques and it was very easy for us as a family to replicate and continue what Jessica taught us, on our own. She also took the time to help my young daughters train the puppy so it was a family event. We have a wonderful dog that fits into our family and lifestyle and I attribute that success to Jessica's work. Thank you and we look forward to our continued training!


               - Robish & The Balser Family 

              Having grown up my whole life with dogs around, I thought I knew everything there was to know about them.   Boy, was I sure wrong!  My family and I went out one Saturday to a dog rescue event to begin our search for “the perfect growing up dog" for our 6 year old son.  Well, an hour later, we returned home with not one, but two 9 month old Scotty-French Shepherd sisters!!  Mollie and Mitzie were a bonded pair and we didn’t have the heart to break them apart.  They bounded into our home with so much enthusiasm and love for adventure, there was no turning back. The following Monday, the two-legged family members went off to work and school and I was left with these two furry balls of energy, one with a house training issue.  I knew I needed to get some help quick!   After I called the carpet cleaners, I rang up Jessica.

              The minute she arrived at our front doorstep for the first training lesson, order was restored.  With positive reinforcement and breaking down the lessons to focus on one scenario at a time, she taught us how to train our new members of the family to be well-behaved and perfectly well-mannered.  It is so nice now to be able to open the front door and not have them dart right through it!  The tools she gave us were tailored specifically to our home environment and lifestyle.  Our jaws dropped when we saw how immediately Mollie and Mitzie responded to her commands.  We signed right up for her multi-pass program, and eagerly looked forward to each week’s lesson.  It was so gratifying to see such progress so quickly.  Mollie & Mitzie were especially happy with all the new things they were learning!  Jessica included my son to help with many of the lessons, and after we mastered the at-home behaviors, we ventured out to work at the park and in social situations.  Even though we like to think we are smarter than Mollie & Mitzie now, we still call Jessica to work with us and brush up on the lessons where we have gotten a little lazy.  She is such a special part of our family and even helps every year with our family photos.  Jessica has turned our life around and we will forever be grateful  we can’t begin to thank her enough!


                - Mollie, Mitzie, Apple & Pam, Jeff, Nicholas, Lattanzio

               Jessica started working with our 2 year old chocolate lab, Bear, last year for basic behavior and command training. She immediately established control and respect from Bear.  After several sessions, some while walking around Santa Margarita Lake to dampen his excitement toward approaching dogs, Bear became a well disciplined dog.  Jessica has a genuine love for animals and we highly recommend her for training and training techniques. That bond will last forever.


                   - Bear & Don and Suzanne Rodie

               I found Jessica over a year ago and she helped me with my Pit bull Lilly, who was a tough cookie. Lilly has never had dog contact and she wanted to chew every dog she saw. She was pulling me all over the place because she never went on walks. I was so overwhelmed with my Pit bull and thought there was no way we were going to make it, but then I found Jessica! I was worried and didn't know how this would wind up, but Jessica assured me it would be okay. With lots of practice on my part, and with Jessica's help, Lilly will get better in time. I don't always have the patience, let me tell you, but I wanted this to work and we survived. It took Lilly, Jessica and me 9 months to get my precious Pit trained and a year and a half later, Lilly has some friends and walks great. Jessica also gives Lilly baths and I am so grateful for that as Lilly loves her trainer with a passion. Jessica has done wonders and I am so happy to have found her and my gut feeling was right to choose her for a trainer. Many thanks for your support and love for my dog. Even when she was hurt, Jessica came by which meant so so much to me. Words can't explain. Lots of love from Lilly and me


         - Lilly & Ann Nieves



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