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What we do:

At WoofPack OC, we strive to make you and your pet feel like an active part of our PACK whether in training, grooming, or boarding! We approach training, grooming, and boarding out of love and positive reinforecment with your dog so you know when you drop your pooch off, they are in perfect hands with the PACK!

WoofPack OC  demonstrates the utmost professionalism and client care.  Jessica is perfectly matched in her chosen career.  She’s the best!  

                         - Sasja & Priscilla Kessle

WoofPack OC  has a very kind and gentle approach to training, yet they expects results and get them. Our dog responded very well to her  techniques and it was very easy for us as a family to replicate what Jessica taught us.                      

                   - Robish and The Balser Family

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